We’re a little digital design shop. We stay small so we can keep our noses in our work, our costs low, and our clients close.

We get it. We’re driven by empathy. We feel your success as our success.

We get it right. We’re motivated by an internal drive for capital-q Quality that can not be taught. Seriously, it hurts us to do anything halfway.


The core team

Lee Fuhr noshadow

Lee Fuhr

Founder & Creative Director

Lee has been designing usable digital products since the late '90s. Set up for success at Carnegie-Mellon University, he entered the workforce as an Information Architect in 2000. Over the next decade, he learned graphic design by working closely with some of the world's best designers. In 2007, Lee set out on his own and hasn't looked back. Lee specializes in empathic, user-centered, real-world design grounded in the UX principles learned at CMU and honed over the ensuing years.

allison noshadow

Allison Mellon

Digital Strategy and Production

Allison has over 7 years of experience guiding the strategic and tactical execution of digital products for a wide variety of clients (large and small) through her big agency, small agency, and contract work. She's also a superb project manager and an emerging UX designer.

leanna noshadow

Leanna Jones

Graphic Designer

Leanna is a self-described "designer, creative enthusiast and visual junkie" with over 6 years of experience applying her strategic design mind to a variety of project media, from packaging and signage to identity and digital. 


We also partner up with a bunch of local shops, agencies, and freelancers to do more without the overhead. See more on our Services page.



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