Lee is hands-down one of the top design professionals I've worked with throughout my career. I've had the pleasure of working with him for well over a year on multiple client engagements (requests for repeat business -- he's that good). 

Lee has time and again demonstrated his advanced understanding of UX and design principles. Entrusted by senior executives and stakeholders, Lee has impressive experience leading high-level, complex UX/design initiatives – both agency-side and client-side – to create beautiful and meaningful experiences.

He always delivers in-full every time with excellent communication along the way, and well... people love him. People just love this guy. They love his work. They come back to him for more. 

As a recruiter, I connect with hundreds of talented folks on a regular basis, and I can say with complete confidence that Lee is one of the best UX designers in Aquent/Vitamin T's global network. Our clients love working with Lee because he is able to consistently break down complex problems to create beautiful, simple and meaningful online experiences. He is a strong communicator and delivers on point every single time without fail.

 We love working with Lee at Aquent/Vitamin T because he is just as professional and kind as he is smart -- and I am proud to have the opportunity to represent him.

And now, Lee's heard the people and has branched out to start his own design agency. Really exciting times ahead. 


Susie Pollasky
Now Client Partner at Filter Digital

"Lee Fuhr has worked on half a dozen projects for us. Every time, he's brought intelligence, incredible work ethic and uncompromisingly high standards to the assignment. Lee is terrific at generating new creative ideas and designs for challenging concepts. His broad range of skills has allowed him to drive projects from end-to-end as well as jump in to provide pointed expertise. Last but certainly not least, Lee is simply a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly."

Todd Touesnard
VP, Product Management @ Placecast

"I can count the truly extraordinary designers I've had the luck to work with on less than one hand. Lee most certainly makes the cut--his focus on the quality of users' experience is only matched by his inspired ability to meet such high standards with innovative and, frankly, astonishingly good design. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Lee again."

Edward O'Connor
Safari Web Technology Engineer @ Apple Inc.

"To call Lee 'sharp' would be an understatement. He has laser-accurate design sense and a wealth of interaction knowledge, but working with Lee provides a much bigger benefit. He understands the design process to such a degree, and communicates it so well, that he's an asset even to non-designers on the team. I've found myself not just impressed with what Lee is capable of, but impressed by what I've learned just following his lead."

Chris Radcliff
Software Engineering Manager @ Return Path

"I've had the opportunity to work with Lee for the past 17 months and regard him as one of the most respected colleagues I have ever worked with. Lee brings an intellectual and passionate component to every project he's a part of and has been a mentor to many, including myself. Lee's witty personality and confidence in his work is refreshing. He is a critical asset to our organization. I admire Lee not only as a colleague, but as a friend."

Troy Foss
Founder & CEO @ Cove Capital Properties, LLC

"Lee is a force to be reckoned with. He has a keen understanding of how people interact with software, and he's passionate about creating simple and elegant products. 

His expertise comes with the added bonus of a perfectly professional and disciplined character. His adherence to, and advocacy of, best practices in our office have been immensely valuable and edifying to me personally. 

Also, he's a lot of fun to have around and has proven to be a great friend."

Jed Sundwall
Open Data Technical Business Development Manager @
Amazon Web Services

"Lee is awesome. Right when I interviewed him I knew he was going to be a great fit and he's done nothing to change my mind about that since. His usability and design skills are great without a doubt. He is a strong advocate for simplicity in design and making things that will actually make peoples' lives easier. 

I've worked directly with Lee on many projects and have been very pleased with the discussions that he promotes and the designs that he is able to create to satisfy the most important needs on any given project. 

On top of all of that, Lee's a stand-up guy and a good friend with whom I've spent much time outside of work. It should be obvious that I recommend him as a great candidate anywhere where there is a good culture and great people."

Brad Fults
Engineering Manager @ Under Armour

"Two major points to emphasize: Passion for his domain (user experience), and Quality of Deliverables. In the Interactive Development process, we rely on downstream deliverables from Designers and Information Architects in the form of build files and wireframes...and the quality and thoroughness of those from Lee are definitely appreciated. Lee is a true user advocate, championing ways do "do it right" and "better". Challenging us as technologists in positive way to ensure the end product has the best user experience possible."

Alexis Lauro Jain
Manager, Interactive Development @ SapientNitro

"I hired Lee to design my law firm's logo and it turned out great."

Joshua Asher
Attorney @ Law Offices of Joshua A. Asher

"I have sought Lee's help on multiple projects, from logo design for a newsletter to webdesign to design of marketing material. Each time we work together has been a pleasure. Lee is creative and intuitive. He is able to listen to my goals and concerns and translate my wants into implementable ideas that convey my message. He has been a great help and has consistently developed high quality material. Additionally, I trust his judgment and guidance. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation."

Yaron Sadan
President @ Osher Capital Advisors, LLC

"Lee has been a great joy to work with. He has great capacity to understand the big complex picture and the ability to define it in such away that is easily understandable for end user consumption. He is thorough, honest, detail oriented, personable and delivers nothing less than perfection. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee for anyone seeking an expert in this field."

Tina M. Donaldson
Product and Business Development Professional @ Google

"Lee is an amazing designer and great guy. I wish him all the best and know he'll get it."

Danny Puskarcik
SFS Ops Lead, SME/BA Mentor @ Amazon

"Lee is someone that is full of ideas and is always eager to share his knowledge to everyone on the team so as an organization, can get to that next level. Articulate and an excellent strategist, Lee is an asset to any team."

Tamala Baldwin
Integrated Brand Manager

"I worked with Lee when he was the de-facto Creative Director of Eventful. He came into an organization with no look-and-feel standards and a haphazard creative atmosphere and proceeded to make an immediate impact. One of Lee's first tasks was to revamp the web-flow of Eventul's main product to reduce customer drop-off. The designs Lee created were effective, and virtually overnight were responsible for more than doubling our customer registration percentage. Lee then proceeded to guide the creative design of the Eventful website, transforming the look of the website to the modern and functional design it is today. I would recommend Lee to any company looking for a strong creative director who is comfortable either creating or reworking customer experiences."

Tyler Vallillee
Group Development Manager @ Intuit

"Working directly with Lee allowed me to witness his brilliance at interface/experience design. He is passionate about creating solutions that consumers love and demonstrates an uncanny ability to create interfaces that are both beautiful and effective, taking into account the goals of a product and the mindset of its customers. He was a pleasure to work with and will undoubtedly be a great asset to any team he works with."

John Cole
VP of Marketing @ WikiRealty

"Its been over a year since I last worked with Lee, but he is one person that would stand out no matter how long ago it was. Lee's focus on the user and passion for making everyone & everything around him better is pretty remarkable. He has the uncanny ability to take any suggestion, no matter how vague, and turn it into something tangible, which makes him that much more valuable as he can work with non-techies just as easily as those who are web-savvy."

Liam Mbuthia
Partner, Search Engine Marketing @ Five Mill, Inc.

"Lee was a superb information architect at Sapient. He was able to sift through and make sense of projects that seemed impossibly mired in confusion and lack of clear direction. And, presented his work to colleagues and clients with sound reasoning to back up his design decisions. A true IA pro."

James Buyayo
UX Designer @ Google

"Lee has the intelligence and the experience to make everyone around him relax because they know and trust that his results will be useful and backed up."

Brooke Mason
Marketing Communications Manager @ GreatCall

"Lee is a first-rate interaction designer with high standards and an eye for detail. He is first and foremost an advocate for the user, simplifying the most complex scenarios down to elegant, usable flows and backing up his recommendations with copius research."

Jesse Mellon
Art Director at Sequenom, Inc. @ Sequenom, Inc.