It’s how we work

To be cozy, you must feel absolutely secure, to have total trust in your environment.

Empathy is our foundation. We really care about our clients.

We do our little part to make the world cozy by making sure our clients feel absolutely secure when they work with us. This starts with empathy.

We want to know what makes our clients tick; what theyre secretly worried about; how we can make them feel more successful, happier, more confident, less busy.

Armed with this knowledge, the rest is easy. Weve got the secret treasure map to happiness, now we just have to do excellent work so our clients know they dont have to stress about keeping her eye on the design work. 

Our clients come to us because they're experts in their fields, not design. We take care of the design so that our clients' ideas can shine.


It reminds us

As we manage our (cautiously) growing team, its vital we remember what's important. We want to feel as cozy as we want our clients to feel. 

So were nice to each other. We work hard, but we dont burn up our souls. We talk openly. We try to help each other.


Its clarifying

We’ve convinced more than a few people to try being cozy. It’s an easy concept to learn to love.

For some reason, the idea that Serious Business is incompatible with happiness is widespread. We dont think that makes sense. Success comes from doing great work, which if anything is correlated with happiness.

People who are not comfortable thinking this way might not feel comfortable working with people who do. We're proud of our approach, so we talk openly about it to attract people who like these ideas too.