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UPDATE: This project took home a silver award at the 2014 San Diego Addy Awards.

I was the sole designer, working with Michael Weisfeld and Megan Anderson running the account and James Sperry managing the project. Exciting!

The job: Reimagine the front door for a company that makes the internet hum

The team: Cozy on design, BusinessOnline on strategy and management

Equinix runs massive data centers around the world. They store stuff on the internet, and they're really good at it. They needed a site that seemed as technically proficient as they are. 

We've seen massive improvements in analytics since the relaunch. Notably, the bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave the site, or as Wikipedia puts it "a measure of the effectiveness of a website in encouraging visitors to continue with their visit") dropped from around 35% before the redesign to less than 8% post-launch. The new design is doing a much better job of interesting people into staying on the site.


We included lots of little details, some aimed at stuffing away layers of content until the user showed interest (progressive disclosure), like this panel with its vertically sliding panes:


We massively cleaned up their overwhelming and discordant navigation super-hovers:


Here's their home page pre-redesign (this is the entire thing):