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The job: Full website redesign (IA on up) for beautifully-designed, industrial-grade fans

The team: Cozy on design, MeadsDurket on client, brand, strategy

MacroAir makes huge, awesome, beautifully-designed, industrial-grade fans. We met with the really lovely folks at MacroAir and it was clear: they knew they had products and technology that were superior to the more recognized Big Ass Fans. They wanted a site that showed it.

The MeadsDurket team handed us nearly total control of the design (we had to respect some of the recent offline collateral they had designed).

We worked hard to bring airiness, precision, professionalism, polish, and trust into their online presence.


Site map and detailed, high-fidelity wireframes (here showing just some of the many):


Before the redesign

The aesthetic was outdated, crowded, long-winded, and unsophisticated. For such an elegant, airy product, the site felt dark and crowded. We needed to bring them upmarket.


The new design

We focused on large imagery that gave room to showcase these beautifully designed products and to present expansive, airy environments.

We stuck with DINNext for most copy, since this was already in place in existing collateral, but we added Old Standard TT, an easy-to-use Google Font, for its connection to science and academia as a font reminiscent of that used in old science texts like Darwin's “Origin of Species”.

All layout, spacing, and type sizing was mathematically determined (based on the Golden Ratio), then extended to address varying screen sizes, and rigorously applied throughout the design with almost no exceptions. This kept the design technical and exact – fitting with the brand – while also assuring it was beautiful to look at and efficient to develop.

We developed a thorough styleguide to shepherd the development (through and beyond this project):


The development was hurried and some details were lost in translation, but overall this was a stellar project and we're thrilled with the outcome. Check it out ›