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The job: UX and graphic design for a microsite to help the public understand (and hopefully not hate) a new program from the power company…

The team: Cozy on design and MeadsDurket on strategy, account, brand

San Diego Gas & Electric retained the fine, fine folks at MeadsDurket to create a multi-channel campaign introducing a new (and, frankly, smarter) way of charging for electricity. Rates would be determined based on what time you are using the power rather than how much you use. Since the power grid has to be built to operate during peak capacity, it makes sense to charge more during peak times than during slow times.

MeadsDurket brought me in for the website portion of the campaign and together we molded the content into a coherent, linear, comprehensible story. This worked in concert with IA and UX work to put visual structure to the site. Then I put a design together that extended the existing SDGE brand along with the other campaign collateral being produced.

Then, unfortunately, the client took the development in-house and had their developer build out a different design direction, moving toward an in-site page rather than a standalone microsite like we had been doing. The live site is not my doing and I disavow any attachment to its design.